The EMPT founders, Poornima K. and Tarek H.

The EMPT founders, Poornima K. and Tarek H.

EMPT officially launched in October 2018 by co-founders Tarek Hamdan and Poornima Karmaker.

This is a people-driven project, which hopes to improve peoples’ lives and aims to shed light on the over-stimulation and over-consumption we now go through in our daily life. EMPT is here to help simlify your life by decluttering and organizing your space.

Our main offerings currently include:
Residential Home Consulting Services – Our professional home decluttering and organizing service.
EMPT Podcast: Life Simplified – Discussing ways to reduce various type of clutter.
EMPT Library – Curated collection of books that inspire a simplistic lifestyle.

We are currently working on our Resources page, which EMPT hopes becomes a hub for the tools needed to lead an organized and intentional lifestyle.

We are still growing and are always looking for people to contribute and share their ideas on this very important domain. Be sure to contact us if you are willing to share your brilliance or have any other inquiries!



Erase physical, mental, emotional and digital distractions, and help guide you to lead a simpler, more conscious and more productive lifestyle.

Our home is where the the heart is - we believe a clutter-free environment is the foundation to appreciating more out of less.