A simple and highly effective approach to remove the unnecessary possessions (declutter) and transform your surroundings. Let us work together to help you declutter, organize, and reclaim your space.



Operating in the Greater Toronto Area, our home decluttering and organization services take a personalized and hands-on approach to clearing your unnecessary clutter. We’re here to help you take control of your space, and to help you develop the right habits to keep your surroundings EMPT and functional.

Let's connect! We are here to address your needs and discuss any questions or concerns you may have. We can have a chat over the phone or meet at a location that is convenient for you.

Show us the areas in your home that need attention, and your vision for an ideal space. We'll develop a plan together incorporating your ideas and needs with our solutions to simplify your space.

During our session we will work together to refine what you want to keep, category by category, until you are truly satisfied with the result. We will develop systems of organizations to help restore the flow of your home.

Can't reap the benefits of a clean space without developing the right habits and maintaining them! We'll provide you with tips, personalized recommendations, and other storage solutions to keep your space EMPT!

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Don’t know what to do with the discarded items? EMPT aims to give back to the community by recommending various organizations, shelters, and charities in your vicinity.



improve spatial functionality



With less of your clutter around you, there is more room to utilize your space efficiently and use it for its intended purpose.

Have more time available



With less clutter, you can attend to the things that matter the most in life: family, friends, and building experiences.

Have more available energy



Decluttering and organizing is a motivational process that will help you feel driven to pursue and complete short-term and long-term goals.

Save money by changing your spending habits



Adapt a new mindset, wherein you become more of a conscious shopper, making intentional decisions about purchases.

Become more self-aware



With a newfound space and mentality, you are better able to reflect on your habits, emotions, and values to help keep your life clutter-free.

Reduce your waste and save the earth environmentally



You’ll learn ways to reduce your consumption to help sustain our environment, through mindful purchasing, donating, reusing and recycling.


Our Rates

*Operating in the Greater Toronto Area

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our promise

EMPT promises to ensure your full satisfaction with our consulting services. If you are not content at the end of the process, we would gladly be willing to continue working with you until you are satisfied with the result.

EMPT is and will always be a people-driven company. This service is an investment in yourself, which is invaluable.

Our rates allow us to continue providing support to others and to continue expanding our operations.

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+ Are the initial meeting/consultation and in-home assessment free?

Absolutely! Our initial meeting (by phone or in-person) and the in-home assessment (during which we provide you with our time and cost estimate) both require no obligation or payment from your end. We understand that people typically want to find out as much information as possible before letting anyone perform any service provider in their home. Transparency is one of our core values!

+ What are the benefits of decluttering my home?

Direct Benefits

  1. Your unnecessary objects are removed, which decreases visual distractions and creates more free space to relax in.
  2. Storage solutions are put in place to help you stay organized and find items easily.
  3. You'll appreciate the value of your kept items, utilizing them more often and more effectively.
  4. Pride! Letting go of tangible items may not be easy. Be proud of your hard work!

Indirect Benefits

  1. Eliminating clutter from your space produces cost-saving opportunities for the future. No more buying duplicates of items you already have! As well, the process will motivate you to reassess your shopping tendencies and spend less.
  2. With less clutter, there's less cleaning. With less cleaning, you can maximize productivity!
  3. You'll also be able to put time and energy into what matters the most: your self-care, family, friends, and experiences.
  4. Will learn to apply this new mindset and philosophy to other physical and even non-physical parts of your life where you find clutter.

+ What if there are items I don’t want you to touch or see?

We respect your space and your belongings! If there are items you do not wish for us to sort, simply put them aside in a safe place, label them in a box, or let us know.

+ Am I going to be living like a minimalist with only 20 items?

We are not extreme minimalists. We promise to help you simplify and use your space more effectively in a way that fits your needs. If you find joy and necessity in your possessions, we’ll help you organize a space for them and refine the rest.

+ Why do I need the help of professionals to declutter my home?

We understand that your lives are busy, and that clutter accumulates over time. You’re often pressed with time constraints and feeling overwhelmed with where to start and what to do – these are common issues many individuals face, even us. Our service addresses all these issues by providing emotional guidance, motivation and physical support in our session. EMPT acts as a clean slate, for you to reclaim your space, and develop appropriate habits to maintain that space.

+ What types of spaces do you help declutter and organize?

Our principle can be applied to any area of your home whether it’s your closet, kitchen, work space and anything else that needs to be EMPTied! We can help you maximize the functionality of your space. Give us a call or send us a message – we’d be happy to help!

+ Will you also be cleaning my space?

It is important to note that we are not a cleaning service, but we will definitely assist you if you wanted to clean a certain space after it has been emptied. We even typically urge our clients to clean a space when its empty because they don't often get the chance to access certain areas when they're doing their regular home cleaning routine.


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